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Why we shouldn’t judge appearance is an essential social awareness that everybody must learn and keep in their heart of hearts.

Chris Cochrane, author of the children’s book “The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter” (a story about two young sisters by Cochrane), aims to teach kids the value of not judging others based on appearance. The story revolves around how an elusive and peculiar-looking creature isn’t exactly what other folks think it is. Readers will discover that the fantastic beast is more than meets the eye.

But for now, we’ll be examining a couple of reasons why we must avoid judging others based on their looks.

Reason #1: You’ll Be Surprised Once You Know Someone Better Like in the Story About Two Young Sisters and The Dinglehopper Blueberry Belly-Button Snooter

Focusing on a person’s appearance is quite limiting. It’d be impossible to truly get to know an individual if we only consider what they look like. Being open and non-judgemental about someone’s looks will bring us pleasant surprises.

There is indeed more to each person than meets the eye, and we can only get to see that side of them by getting to know them better. We mustn’t push away possible relationships or friendships without getting to know someone first. Who knows? Things could lead to a fascinating path that will benefit both of you.

If you want to know an individual better, you must take the time to talk to them and know their personal stories. And this step can only be done by not allowing our biases and judgments to get the best of us.

Reason #2: Cochrane Sisters’ Story Teaches Us that Everyone is Different and We Should Stop Judging

A simple fact of life is that everybody has different personalities, likes, preferences, etc. No one person is the same, and not everyone will be happy with how everybody looks, what people wear, how they style their hair, and more. Surely, you’d want to be yourself and express yourself instead of hiding it from others.

By not judging others, we also open ourselves up to be more honest and non-judgmental to our reflections in the mirror. We know how painful it is to be judged by others based on our appearance. If we wish not to be judged, we should understand why we shouldn’t judge appearance.

The story about two young sisters by Cochrane tells us to always put our judgments aside first. It teaches us that we shouldn’t live life through such capricious eyes and that the reasons why we should stop judging others is the main priority.

Reason #3: Stop Judging Others Because You Don’t Know What They’re Going Through

Whenever we judge someone based on their appearance, we fail to consider that they may go through some rough patch in their lives. An individual may be dealing with low self-esteem, their own mistakes, personal crises, another person’s wrongdoings, or some other kind of issue. Judging a person based on their looks fails to give us a full picture of who someone is.

Reason #4: People Can Change, Which Makes Judging Someone Irrelevant

One thing that makes us judge people so quickly is that we forget people can change. This means that appearances can easily change, which might occur in a single day. Over time, people will grow and experience change. Not judging them allows the flower of change to bloom so they may become better versions of themselves.

While it’s true that first impressions last, it’s important to remember that judging individuals simply on first impressions can lead us to mistakes. Unless our gut or intuition tells us that a bad first impression will cost us greatly, we shouldn’t let it ruin our opinions of others.

Reason #5: Everybody is Worth Knowing and Could Use Less Judgment

Lastly, we must not forget that the act of knowing anyone is worth it. If we keep this in mind, we will be more incentivized not to judge others and to get to know them. By doing so, you’ll find out that each person has their preference in music, food, art, etc.

It’s better to know them first so that you can find out how we’ll be able to connect with them on a genuine level.

Practice These Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Judge Appearance

The appearance that we present ourselves in this world is only temporary. What’s more constant and consistent is who we truly are. If we wish to cultivate non-judgmental thoughts, we can become better people and create a better world.

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